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High Brook Horse & Harness
Located 5.4 miles south of the Woodstock Green on Route 106 in South Woodstock, Vermont
Next Door To Green Mountain Horse Association

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Take advantage of the season and take a sleigh ride with the Kedron Valley Stables, a local family business offering the best view of the Kedron Valley in any season... horsedrawn or from the back of the horse!

If you are going to be in the area stop by the South Woodstock Country Store and have a great sandwich, fabulous pizza, soups, salads or just a terrific cup of coffee and see their unique selection of gifts. Still the best socks around but MUCH more this year!

And don't forget the Kedron Valley Inn, a fixture in our village since my great grandfather was in school here! Visit their wonderful restaurant and tavern for a memorable evening.

If you are looking for a real insider's view of our community check out the Green Mountain Perkins Academy, our very own community museum. Take a peek at South Woodstock as it has always been.

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The Vermont Horse Country Store, formerly High Brook Horse & Harness, does not publish a full catalog. New and interesting items from our store as well as particularly well priced items of interest to our customers are listed on our ecommerce site Some items are on sale. Some are just an excellent value we think you should know about. Check them out in our store, on the web or via Skype!

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